15 Dic 2019
Angkor Wat

I was in between Vietnam and Thailand and, why not, I visited another UNESCO monument, the Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I landed in Siem Reap a small town very close to Angkor Wat and once there I realized that Angkor Was is not a single temple but it’s rather…

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14 Feb 2016
Iceland 2012 - ©Alessandro Patumi


I’ve been in Iceland (see : wikipedia) during 2012 , as far as I remember it was June : they say that June is actually one of the only months of the year when its much more easier to travel , because the roads are – almost – never iced. I…

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10 Ott 2015

My Japan

Japan : I’ve been 14 times in Japan and counting. My Japan, an amazing country, everything is so clean, perfect, neat, art and culture are everywhere, in buildings, in people ,in the way things are displayed, in the way Japanese dress. By the way, I know a very basic…

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