10 Ott 2015

My Japan

Japan : I’ve been 14 times in Japan and counting. My Japan, an amazing country, everything is so clean, perfect, neat, art and culture are everywhere, in buildings, in people ,in the way things are displayed, in the way Japanese dress.
By the way, I know a very basic Japanese language, Japanese rules and habits, but still, for Japanese people I’m a “Gaijin” , a stranger.
This word 外人 means “outside person”, a non-Japanese: it’s composed of two kanji: gai (外 , “outside”) and jin (人 , “person”). Nevertheless , Japanese people are kind, polite, always willing to help or give advise.

This is “my Japan” : and all pictures are taken by me.

In the following slideshow I’m posting just some of the 2.476 pictures I shoot , you can call them “best of my Japan”.


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